KMS Foods Ltd is newly established company which consists of people with more than 7 years of experience in the international trading of hulled sunflower seeds, bird seeds and animal feed. We bring the knowledge and devotion to customer satisfaction to a new level. We are friendly, client oriented company with a proactive approach in business.

We are well organized in solving client problems and providing quality products in a short period of time.

Our activities include working with Bulgarian farmers, factories and with other suppliers all over the world which ensure the delivery of various kinds of seeds and nuts when needed.

Our main goal is the distribution of bakery ingredients and we have built very distinguishable and trustworthy relations with a lot of companies around the world, especially in USA, Poland, Germany, UK, Romania, Greece and Austria.

With our vast knowledge on the market of sunflower kernels we can always provide you with the needed solution for your Factory, Trading Company or Brokerage Firm.

KMS Foods Ltd

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